So, you might be asking what does an online beginner gardening course look like? What will you learn? 

I've worked with many people who are eager to get out in their gardens but are lacking confidence or intimidated by plant names. I've always found the best way to get started is to learn about the fundamentals of gardening and then get out there and give it a go. Have some fun!

My online course will give you a good basic level of knowledge so you can get started in your own garden or perhaps a taster before you decide to go on and learn even more.

I always keep things fun and simple, my view on gardening is that it is for everyone to enjoy. Ultimately gardening is what YOU make of it. 

Sign up to my course to get you started on your journey into a lifelong hobby or even career in gardening.

What does it consist of...

- Why soil is SO important
- Composting & weeding
- Sowing, propagating & planting
- Wildlife gardening 
- Planting for your own garden

This is all about giving you the basics to get out in your garden. Maybe it will give you the first step to go on to studying more!

There is no restriction on time to complete. I will send you a lesson each week for four weeks from the beginning of September so you can read at your own leisure! There will be video links as well 

Sign up is easy! Just click on the below link to pay and your first course info will arrive in your inbox during the first week of September. You will receive 4 weeks of learning including videos made just for you.

If you do not have paypal, CONTACT ME to arrange payment. Your course details will be sent direct to the email address used on the payment. 

All of this for only £69.99 😁😁

Happiness is a day spent in the garden!